Eddie Nünning ... a guitarist, composer, author, and teacher with a classical diploma of the Hanover Conservatory and an artistic graduation of the Münster Music Academy moreover, he has graduated from the in-service training in the field of Jazz at the Hamburg Music Academy.

He started playing the guitar from classical music to Jazz at live acts in various bands and ensembles at the age of 13, and he teaches concert guitar, Jazz and E-guitar at the Conrad-Hansen-Music School in Lippstadt.

In the last few years he has made a name for himself as an author of his own series of guitar manuals (including CDs) in the field of "Groove-Guitar" at Acoustic Music Books Publishing House as well as with the guitar-vocal-duets "To Be Two" und "RAINBOW SLEEVES" not only as a fingerstyle guitarist, but also as a specialist for working with a guitar synthesizer. Here, he developed a very special individual style in that he combines the classical playing technique with Jazz, Pop, and Blues elements. "Groove-master Nünning manages like nobody else to turn even simple songs into interesting multifarious works of art."   (Akustik Gitarre 03/02, Soundcheck 11/00).
Since 2010 Eddie continues his duo-work with the Berlin singer Filipina Henoch.

Eddie regularly heads guitar workshops.


Eddie Nünning & Lara Schallenberg:
"from a wooden house" (AMR 2007)
Rainbow Sleeves "painted songs." (AMR 2004)
To Be Two "The Edge of season" (AMR 2002)
To Be Two "Everything" (AMR 2000)
"Everything" Songbook: Special Edition in Taiwan
"Reborn on acoustic guitar Vol.1" (AMR 2003)
"Reborn on acoustic guitar Vol.2" (AMR 2007)
"Acoustic Christmas" (AMR 2003)
"Top Guitars" (AUDIO 6/03)
"Acoustic guitar highlights" Vol.5 (AMR 2002)
"Acoustic moments" (Zounds 2003)
Begleit CDs "Akustik Gitarre" (5/00-1/01-6/01-1/03-4/04)


Akustik Gitarre (1/03)
Gitarre Hamburg (12/03)
Gitarre Aktuell (1/04)
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